The basic course includes the basic knowledge of web design and web server. The course focused on WordPress content management system and it teach you how to manage your web site and how to start  your web site from zero to final step.  In additional you will learn how to customize your web design and how to add more functions using WordPress plugins.

Course schedule & hours

How to start your web site 30 min
Understanding about web server 15 min
Understanding about FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client 30 min
What is WordPress? Brief introduction about WordPress 20 min
Download & install WordPress on your web server. 90 min
Choose the right theme (web design) for you web site 30 min
Learn brief introduction about responsive web design 15 min
Download and Install your new theme on your web site 15 min
Construct your web site structure using WordPress back-end 60 min
Google webmaster tool and SEO implementing 90 min
Edit your images with Photoshop 60 min
The basic HTML tags 60 min
Manage widget 30 min
install plugins and add more functions on your web site. 60 min
How to setup your web site SEO friendly 60 min
Total hours 11.5 hours 
Rate  $50 p/h
Additional hours will be rated $35 p/h 
If you have any questions send me a email bolor@ariunbolor.org or call (240)638-6796
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